Attraction is NOT a Choice

You don’t have a choice for who you have a strong emotional response to due to it being pre-conscious or subconscious. You rationalize this emotion afterward, but this rationalization can be put through your logical filters, which will change your interpretation.

If a random hot girl walked by you, you would probably notice her more than an unattractive girl. You would even notice a moderately hot girl more than an average guy unless he looks scary. Only then will he be more noticeable than the moderately hot girl.

While emotion is not a choice, how we act on that emotion is a choice. If you’re married or have approach anxiety and you see a hot girl walk by, you would probably not do anything. If you’re a go-getter, you would act on that emotion by trying to approach her.

A high-value guy is not just based on visuals. It’s also based on your actions, how you convey yourself, your personality, who you are, etc..

A girl having an emotional reaction to a high-value guy is not a choice. This reaction could sometimes not be a positive one. It could be interpreted in different ways. Just because she sees you as high-value does not guarantee that she will sleep with you.

How can we have a general model of determining if something is high-value?