Borrow Abundance From the Future

A question that might arise is “How can I think of myself as a man of value when I haven’t achieved all my goals yet?” If you are on a path of becoming high-value, you’re already a man of value. Your time can be thought of the same as Bill Gates in his garage starting to build Microsoft. If he had sat back and was like “I’m not doing this because my time is worth $300 a second”, the time would automatically not be worth it. 

There’s some assumption that you can borrow value from your future and act like the high-value guy already. This is only true if you’re doing the work to make it through. It is a delusion otherwise. If a girl met you along that path, she would be just as well off or even better well off than if she met you once you reached that point.

You can’t borrow value that doesn’t exist. You can only borrow it if and only if you’re building into the future. It will fall short and you will come up empty over time if you’re not building into the future.