Characteristics of an Attractive Man

There are 5 characteristics that Todd likes to use as hallmarks. 

Attractiveness is the first hallmark.

This is the idea of taking care of your appearance and making the most of it. You should be well-dressed. You should be well-groomed. You should be stylish.

The idea that you care about how you look conveys many positive things about you. 

You’re going to have a hard time being high-value if you’re unwilling to get noticed or have attention on you. You’re going to have a hard time being a leader. 

Assertiveness means being willing to stand up for yourself. It does not mean to be a dick. It does not mean to start fights. It means to be willing to say what’s on your mind. 

Assuredness is the belief that what you’re doing is right. It is the belief that you are enough. It is the belief that what you say is value. 

Nobody cares that you’re attentive until they know you have value. Once they know you have value, the value will be magnified if you’re attentive. It makes your value relevant to them. When a high-value celebrity is attentive takes care of “little” people, other people notice it and they become a bigger celebrity. 

You can’t “attentive” your way to value. It takes what value you have and magnifies it. 

Aliveness is the willingness to take risks and be a little crazy. This will be mentioned more in the Tinder breakdowns.

EXERCISE — Attractiveness

Think of one thing you could do to be more attractive. Ex. Better haircut, Better glasses or contacts, Better style

Execute that one thing. 

EXERCISE — Assertiveness

Think of one situation where not being assertive hurt you.

Think about how to change it.  

Think about how to be less of a dick if you’re overly assertive. Ex. Ways to make your assertiveness more palatable without lowering assertiveness

EXERCISE — Assuredness

Notice that things you’re insecure about. 

Whenever you feel insecure about something, do it anyway and think of one small habit to be more assured. Ex. If you’re insecure about taking off your shirt due to being overweight, work on getting into shape, and just take your shirt off whenever needed.