Common Attractive Archetypes

The bad boy who breaks rules is a common attractive archetype. If you have these qualities, share it by all means. 

Being successful and achieving in life is attractive. Make sure to show these in a non bragging way. 

Being a socialite connector is a useful archetype. This is if you are good at small talk and showing up to events. Maximize it and put it on play. Being popular is your form of value.

Being ruggedly self-sufficient is a good archetype. The tough guy who doesn’t let the world get to him is generally good. Accentuate this if you have this in any way. 

An “emotional drug dealer” is another archetype that works. You know how to disqualify and tease someone. You know how to praise someone in a meaningful way. You’re able to give someone the emotions they want. 

A lot of people you find will be a combination of archetypes. A promotor may be a combination of bad boy and socialite connector. A stoic athlete who is known for toughness would be the achiever and the rugged, self-sufficient guy. 

Think about which of these attractive archetypes you want to be.