Conveying High-Value Traits

Girls are specifically looking for high-value evolution traits.  

What is it we can do to convey these traits?

There is a difference between existent value and conveyed value. 

Social Proof

Seeming to be popular and having people talk positively about you is going to help you out a lot. Having a photo with many girls in it shows you know females in your life. 

Social proof works because it is an honest signal. An honest signal is something that you can’t fake while a dishonest signal is something that’s easy to fake. If you brag about yourself, that’s easy to fake and you could lie about it. If somebody else says you’re awesome, it will be well respected because it is a lot harder to fake. If you say you’re famous and media says you’re high value, it’s a bigger thing because it’s a group of people that don’t know you directly saying it. The more distance the endorsement is from you, the better it will be in terms of being honest and having girls respond well to you. 

Having other people respond well to you, especially other girls, is useful and high-value and something we want to convey when possible. 


Implied Social Proof

How do you convey social proof when no one is around?

Your actions speak to your past. If you’re confident, this says you were confident in the past and worked out well for you. If you’re shy, it says that there was a negative reception whenever you’ve been confident. If you’re willing to lead, that says you’ve led before. If you’re unwilling to lead, it shows you have not really led before.  

The way you tell your stories in the details mentioned and not mentioned can imply a positive or negative social proof. This is a way that you can have a fairly honest signal. Instead of saying “I’m popular”, you can say a story in which it is implied or makes sense that you’re popular. This makes the girl assume you’re high-value. 

Confidence Implies Competence

Competence is valuable and if you’re confident, competence is assumed. Confidence is implied social proof for competence, achievement, success, positive social reputation, etc..

Confidence is one of the most attractive things you can have. Try to go out of your away to display it, but don’t go out of your way to not show it. 


Energy is a Proxy for Health 

There are obvious indicators for health, such as having a symmetrical face or not being morbidly obese.

Having energy and seeming vibrant is a good proxy for health. If you are sick, you’re not smiling or jumping around. If you seem positive and energetic, it can be interpreted that you are healthy and have your life taken care of. It does not mean to be a clown and start bouncing off the walls. 

A decent level of energy and positivity is a great indicator of health and a great attractive trait to have. 


Handling Shit Tests & Problem Solving

This is showing resilience, which is being able to deal with a difficult situation and get through it. It can also show confidence if you are confident, you won’t crumble. Problem-solving shows competence. 

Provoking shit-tests can be a good strategy in game. Getting shit-tested early in the conversation can help you convey your personality quickly. Instead of bragging, say something polarizing and handle it if the girl gives you shit. You did not brag about yourself but forced to show high value, so it is unintentional and honest. 

Triggering shit-tests can get you attraction faster than if you gamed without any shit-test. A girl that gives no shit-test can be harder to game. You want to provoke some level shit-test or banter. 

Knowing “The Dance” 

“The dance” is the idea of being good at game. You know the steps, how to escalate properly, and how to flirt. Another example is if the girl’s on her period, you can handle it without getting bent out of shape. All these little things that show you know what you’re doing with the girl makes the experience better for her. This also implies that you’ve had success with girls in the past, which is implied social proof. Practicing “the dance” makes you more attractive. 

This is one of the major reasons why guys can get to the intermediate level, even with mediocre coaching, if they are willing to go out enough.