Dumb Luck Responsiveness

There are two areas and it can be used in all areas of life, but the examples provided are for bartenders specifically. 

Why are bartenders perceived as attractive people in bar and club life? Bartending does not require a rigorous education and the only special skill is that he knows how to mix drinks. It’s not a high-status job, but girls get serious crushes on bartenders at the bar. When a bartender is dealing with several customers at the same time, he is getting paid and thanked for his attention as he methodically deals with them. 

Logically, the girl knows the bartender is simply doing his job. Emotionally, the girl is seeing that there are many people seeking the bartender’s attention and that he is being selective with who he is dealing with without negative consequences.This makes the girl perceive the bartender as higher-value and have an unreasonable crush on him without interacting with him.

Let’s say that you’re talking to a girl out at a bar and you want to take her to the bar to get a drink for various reasons. You run into the situation where there are many people wanting to get the bartender’s attention for drinks. If you don’t try to get the bartender’s attention, the bartender is going to naturally ignore you due to their job and the girl will see that, which will lower your value. If you invited the girl to get a drink and you can’t get the drink, that will make you seem incompetent, which will also lower your value. If you do try to get the bartender’s attention, the girl may get bored or the interactions may get downed unless if she is hooked already. 

Let’s say there is a restaurant with a 30 to 40-year-old manager and female employees who are between the ages of 18-20. Normally in life, the girls would call the manager a burnout loser. 

In the restaurant, a girl would instinctively develop attraction for the manager because she sees him leading and giving out orders and everybody obeying and listening to them. This is dumb luck responsiveness because the manager would be getting more attraction than they really should under normal circumstances.