Elevator Pitch Your Work

There are several issues when it comes to people elevator pitching that they are high-value. One is that they are completely unprepared. Another one is that people are too polished. People don’t care bout the product unless if they exactly match the description in the pitch. 

You shouldn’t be selling in the first 10 seconds. You start by building intrigue to get time. Your goal in a minute elevator ride isn’t to sell in 1 minute. Your goal should be to get 5 minutes, then 10 minutes, and all the way until you get a potential customer. 

It’s important to say something that is intriguing or interesting and hopefully make it relevant to the other person. “You know how X, Y, Z happens? Isn’t it frustrating?…” It’s also helpful if you know something about the person. 

Developing a hook is the better way to go. Anything mysterious or unique that can be cultivated so the other person asks followup questions will get you a lot further on.