Feedback Loop: Faking vs. Being

There’s an idea of inner game vs. outer game. Should you learn techniques or internal philosophy?

Todd has always been an outer game guy due to a feedback loop. You can look at inner game as “inner game.” Outer game can be seen as “behavior” and what you’re putting out in the real world. What you are putting out in the real world will be what is mostly directly determining your results. The funny thing is when you get a good result, you’re going to boost your inner game, which will make behavior easier next time. 

This is the feedback loop of getting better and better. Todd suggests to “fake it until you make it.” Do practice and get results. Get the right attribution where you’re internally attributing successes and eternally attributing failures. A constant positive feedback loop will be created. It doesn’t matter where you started since it is self-feeding. You can start at a low level and still get good relatively fast if the feedback loop works in your favor.