Goal Setting and Roadmap for Game

EXERCISE — Goal Setting and Roadmap for Game

How many days can you conservatively go out? This needs to be something you can absolutely hit. Todd suggests at least three times a week to minimize times between sessions.

How many approaches are you going to do when you go out? For online game, you can ask “How many girls are going to like or swipe at a minimum?” Do a number goal if you have approach anxiety. You can do timed goals if you don’t have approach anxiety. 

What qualifies as an approach to you? What is your bare minimum standard that you did a good job? You can count it if there was a man-to-woman premise or you asked for her number. For Todd, it counts if he did something polarizing or witty enough to set himself out of the ordinary people. 

What do you consider success in your approach? This changes as you get better. Don’t deny the winner effect. This can change from getting a number from a girl to getting her out on a date. You want to have a level of victory between 30-70% of the time. 

It’s more important to stick to this than to try to overachieve. 

Habit matters more than the degree. 

You want to be super religious about this. 

You want to make proper guidelines to make it as easy for you as possible. 

It should be like a natural habit. 

What Todd did was that every time he left the house, he had to do 3 approaches or he was not allowed to reenter the house.