How to Be a Leader

These are steps towards being more assertive. If that is your issue, do it by all means. Saying “no” to someone or arguing on an opinion is contrary to what a leader is. It is definitely important to know that you can stand up for yourself if you want to be a leader. 

The first thing towards being a leader is you have to know what you’re leading towards. You have to know what you believe in because you’re leading something. You should be inspiring and have a direction. 

The second thing is to live by those values. You can’t be a leader in something you don’t believe in.

You then need to be able to communicate those values. 

You also need to make other people feel important or taken care of. This is so they feel empowered to continue spreading your message. Just having a good message is not enough. Being a leader comes from knowing what to say “Yes” to and living and sharing it.