Internal vs. External Attribution

The high-value person will attribute positives to themselves. The low-value attributes negatives to themselves and vice versa. 

You want to attribute success to your own work and failures to random chance. This could be better for winner effect, status, etc..

In general, you want to attribute something after you have it. 

During the event, you should have in your mind that you are absolutely in control of it. When playing sports, you don’t want to be focused on the audience or referee. You have to have the mentality that if you play your game, you will win. This is your internal locus of control. In your career, you don’t want to focus on the state of the economy or if your boss is treating you well. You want to focus on what you can specifically do because the only person you can control is you. 

You want to be taking the position that you’re in charge because anything else is pointless. It’s the nihilistic approach that you have no control over things.