Certain things you do indicate your exact level in game or your exact value in life. In poker, you outplay someone in a hand because you know their sophistication and know what they were thinking. You can see what level someone is playing based on their mistakes and how they play the hands. If you see someone play level 2 on several hands, you can beat them over the course of several hands by playing level 3. If you play level 3 when they are playing level 1, you are going to confuse yourself so it is key to play one level deeper than your opponent. 

Women are responding to certain things you do as leveling behaviors. 

Let’s say that you have a tucked-in button-up polo shirt with khakis in New York City. This shows that you shop at somewhere somewhat nice. You’re dressing in a way that seems casual, but it’s not casual at the same time. You’re dressed like a demographic of guys who are good enough to not be made fun of, but not enough to stand out to be a center of attention. Girls would rate this as a 5 or 6 out of 10, just down the middle. 

Let’s say that there is a guy bragging about getting into a nightclub, but it turns out that it is not that exclusive. On one hand, he did get into a club that is a little exclusive, so he is not a complete loser. On the other hand, it is not a big deal to get into a night club and guys who do get into them don’t really brag about it. If the club isn’t difficult to get into and someone knows, the fact that it was a struggle for him indicates that he isn’t really 10 out of 10 as a guy. 

If you escalate physically without knowing what you are doing, it’s positive that you have enough confidence to believe in yourself. It’s negative that you don’t know what you’re doing. These indicate your level. 

There is an insidious thing about leveling. As you learn game, you get better at it. You will be first attracting 6’s and 7’s and you work your way up to 9’s and 10’s. The exact same thing that may work on a 6 or 7 may fail with a 9 or 10. 

If you have a trait that levels you at 8, a 6 or 7 will love you for it but a 9 or 10 will reject you due to it. It’s now harder to get high caliber girls, but it’s hard to weed out because it used to work before. 

Any behavior that is out of character or gimmicky is a leveling behavior. Anything where you’re overtly bragging or where you’re obviously trying to show value is a leveling behavior.