Low-Value Traits

In Todd’s early years of teaching game, one strategy that was used was to give a list of things not to do: Don’t cross your arms, Don’t stand with your feet too close together, Don’t lean in, etc..These are traits that you exhibit when you feel nervous or low-value, so you would be conveying fewer low-value traits by eliminating them. 

The problem was that students in live programs or boot camps would be given this list and they would keep thinking about what not to do. This ends up making them feel nervous and doing the things they were supposed to not do. When the mentality was proven good and the traits were not focused on, results were better because the underlying thing that was causing the trait was not getting encouraged. Don’t be over-analytical over low-value traits, but it is still important to know what they are. 

If you are needy, it means that you haven’t had a lot of girls because a lot of girls have not found you attractive due to a genetic flaw or another factor. Neediness typically correlates to desperation or lack of abundance or resources. In terms of social interaction, women can suss out neediness on a social level. 

Self-deprecation is talking negatively about yourself. People have enough negative perceptions about you, so you don’t need to do it. If you brag, people tend to not believe it because you have every reason to brag. If you say something self-deprecating, people will tend to believe it because you have no self-interest or motive. You want to avoid this for this reason. Only self-deprecate to say it in a funny or ironic way, such as “I’m so dumb” when the girl already knows you’re smart. 

Leveling is the idea that certain behavior you can do is not pure low-value, but they are clearly not high-value. That would indicate that you are a 6 or 7 out of 10. Telling a professional your current mile time as an ex-soccer player indicates that you’re not as physically fit as them. If you ask a professional soccer player about crossing with their weaker foot, this indicates that you have a problem with your weak foot and haven’t been trained at a high level. While this may indicate that you’re confident in your strong foot, it still shows that you’re not at a high level. In game, it’s more believable if you say you’re a medium if your behavior shows it while it is unbelievable if you try to say that you’re high-value.

Boring means you won’t get the girl’s attention or unable to stimulate her emotionally. 

Timidity indicates that you’ve had bad responses when you acted boldly in your life, which can indicate a lifetime of being low-value or lack of skill with being bold. 

Self-justification indicates that you’ve been blamed for a lot of things or you’ve messed up a lot. You’re worried about preventing it from happening, which is low-value. 

Ignorance doesn’t have to be explained why it’s low value. Not knowing things is worse than knowing things. Steer clear of topics you are ignorant of. If there’s something that you’re not sure if it’s right, hold back instead of making an unnecessary display of ignorance. Being incompetent and ignorant goes hand in hand. 

Being uncalibrated shows that you’re unaware of the situation and lack social skills. It may show that you’re caught up in your own internal thinking and putting too much pressure on yourself. 

Agenda, creepy, and untrustworthy are all things where your actual behavior is okay, but it seems to be coming from the wrong place. It makes people suspicious of it.It may make people flip interpretations from what would be something positive to something negative. These are all various versions that create distrust or a negative, icky feeling in a girl. 

Being awkward can indicate a few things. It can indicate you don’t know how to flirt. It can indicate you are nervous. Not knowing how to flirt would indicate that you haven’t been with girls in the past, which would also indicate that you weren’t popular in the past. 

Being unhealthy is self-explanatory. Don’t go out of your way to indicate these things. If you’re out on a first date, don’t mention your allergies and just don’t order it. Indicating an allergy is indicating an unhealthiness. If you’re in a relationship with a non-provider frame, the girl loses massive amounts of attraction when you’re sick because that is ruining her genetic investment. 

If something is tryhard, it appears unnatural. It can go to agenda, creepiness, or neediness. 

If you’re making excuses, it looks like you have done a lot of things wrong or it looks like you don’t take responsibility or immaturity. It makes you look incompetent or unpowerful. 

Being dependent makes it looks like you don’t control your own life. 

Being unpopular is obvious. There is a difference between being unnoticed and being actively unpopular. Being noticed is bad. Being actively toxic is worse and almost shunned.

Being insecure is obvious.

Being jealous implies too much care about the situation and too much neediness.