Mentality of a Winner

You want to convey self-esteem, not others-esteem.

You’re never going to please everybody if you’re constantly worrying about how other people are going to perceive it. This will just drive yourself insane. It’s impossible to have the esteem of all others.

Instead of worrying about other’s esteem, worry about self-esteem. Ask yourself if you will be proud and happy of yourself if you do this effort. This should be your ultimate standard. You would get 8 billion neutral and non-disapproving people if you were to try to please everyone in this world. As a business, your goal is to have 1000 diehard fans in order to be successful. If you look for that small amount of people who love you for being yourself, you’re actually going to be more popular with people and will have deeper connections. You will oftentimes end up with no appeal if you try to go for mass appeal.

This goes back to LeBron James vs. Michael Phelps. Michael Phelps is going to win any competition where swimming is valued. LeBron will win any competition where jumping ability and ability to shoot basketballs are valued.

Your value comes from your values. You want to set up or speak about your values.

“Life is a series of choices between the right thing and the easy thing and your success will be proportional to the number of times you did the right thing rather than the easy thing.” The times when the right and easy things are the same are irrelevant because everybody is doing them. You’re not setting yourself apart from everybody else by breathing or eating.

You should embrace things that are hard or that people are failing at. That is your opportunity to set yourself apart and become excellent. 

Success in life translates to dating. You want to be high-value wherever you work in general.

You need to have the mentality that you work for yourself even if you work in a company. You are your own job security.  You are the person who’s keeping you safe from getting fired. You want to be so good at your job that you’re almost irreplaceable to the company.

You need to be taking care of yourself even if you’re working synergistically with other people. You should at least be capable since you’re coming from a place of abundance and offering value in anything you do.