Mentality Toward Rejection

Todd looks at rejections as positive learning experiences. This is very true in business and in game.

The best mentality to take is that game is like sales. Let’s say you had to do phone sales. Most people don’t know who you are and will hang up on you. Your goal is to make your sales pitch really good and make as many sales as you can.

You should realize that no matter how good you get, there is a numbers game in effect. Every time you get rejected, you could be negative and think that you are a loser. You could also be thinking “I have 5 calls to 1 close ratio.” When you get rejected the first time, just think it is 1 out of 5 and continue on. Understand that failure is a way to success.

In terms of approaches, the mentality to look for is that there are X amount of sets to get a good set. This will go down over time. Todd started at 50 sets, then 15, and is now at a small number. You always want to improve the numbers game.

Every time you did your best work and got rejected, you learn from it and grow. You should be building self-esteem this way.

“Failure is an event, not a person” is a quote from the late Zig Ziglar. You failed sometimes, but you are not a failure because you failed.