The peacock is always mentioned when talking about animal evolution. Peacocking is a technique where people dress outlandishly in order to attract attention because it gets you on a female’s radar and resistance or resilience to pressure is conveyed, which is a really attractive trait.

There are two things that go into a peacock maintaining its plumage. It needs to have good nutrition in order to show these bright colors. Having bright colors in its feathers shows that it is healthy, which is attractive. The other thing is that it is putting on a presentation. Despite showing off these bright colors, the peacock shows an ability to thrive because it has managed to not get killed by predators attracted to its colors. 

When men do risky things and “survive”, the girl will think of you as higher-value due to the fact that you survived. Her mind might say “idiot”, but her emotions will say “Oh, that’s kind of hot.”

In a situation where risk is not high, you can gain value by stepping up and being bold in the situation. 

You don’t want to be too crazy in terms of fashion and style in peacocking. It is better to be looked over than overlooked.