Perception of Information

How information is presented has a major impact on how it’s received. 

Primacy bias is when you hear something first and you latch onto that. Recency bias is when the most recent thing sticks to your memory more. 

You are not living in reality. Your brain and senses are trying all they can to live in reality, but there is too much to intake. 

Your brain has to use heuristics, which are mental shortcuts, to understand what is going on in the world around it. If you know a person’s heuristics, that will be helpful in communicating with them. If you know your own heuristics, you can get on your internal psychology and make changes that are better than otherwise.

EXERCISE — Imagine this Person

Imagine a person with these traits: intelligent, industrious, impulsive, critical, stubborn, envious.

Think to yourself, “how likable is this person?”

Now, imagine a person with these traits: envious, stubborn, critical, impulsive, industrious, intelligent.

Now think, “how likable is this person?”

In general, it turns out that each person was more associated with the first traits mentioned. For example, the person was more likable if the likable traits were listed first, and the person was more unlikable if the unlikable traits were mentioned first.