Power of Disinterest

People might ask why we are looking at animal examples when humans are smarter. The reason is that we have to be smart about balancing it and why we have calibration and risk management techniques. 

If you are begging this girl to go out with you with gifts and compliments and offering her the world, you would think that on a logical scale, this would work out. You are offering her value and kindness to her. 

However, what happens is that in reality, most of these things will be disregarded or devalued because it seems needy. It may seem as though you are nice in order to get something from her. It may also seem like a coping mechanism.

If you show disinterest, this will go a lot more further into getting on a girl’s radar. Teasing or even giving the girl full on shit will make her see you as higher-value. By doing this, it shows that you have an abundance and you’re nice by choice, not because you have to. If you show that you are capable of being mean and get away with it, your niceness will be worth more. 

You wouldn’t feel comfortable with being mean to someone if you got bit in the ass every time that happened. On the other hand, you would be more willing to be mean to someone if nothing bad happened every single time you were mean.  

Disinterest is powerful in terms of triggering emotions in a girl and her seeing you as a high-value person. Being meaner to a girl to a point by not filtering yourself and showing genuine disinterest when it exists will help you in game. This is counterintuitive since you’re showing less by showing disinterest but being perceived as higher-value by showing less positivity.