Psychology of Perception

Value comes from perception. It comes from what is uniquely human about us and how we understand and go about the world as human beings. 

Perception is imperfect. What we see as the world is not the actual world, but what we modeled through our senses. Not only is it limited by our five senses, but our brain also filters things out.  

Many things are constantly around you, but you probably did not notice these before because the brain thinks that they’re irrelevant after sifting through all the information from the senses. Your brain is not primed to pay attention to miscellaneous information, such as random white noise in the background. It only picks up relevant information, such as your butt hurting after sitting on it for an extended period of time. 

Just like how you don’t notice the time on your phone unless you’re actively looking for it, you only notice the things in life if you are paying attention to them at any given moment. You don’t notice the white noise or the background. This is relevant in game. 

EXERCISE — Perceiving Your Immediate Surrounding

Close your eyes. With your eyes closed, be aware of the things around you. 

Hear the sounds of the room that you have not been aware of before. For example, the floor creaking, or birds chirping.

Feel the chair you’re sitting on with your butt or feel the floor with your feet if you’re standing, and the clothes around you. Notice if you have any smells around you.

EXERCISE — Smartphone Memory Quiz

Put your phone where you can’t see it. For example, put it in your pocket or put it upside down. 

Visualize your phone. Think about your phone background, screen saver, home screen.

How many apps do you have on the first page? The second page?

How many items are in your shortcuts dock? What apps are in your shortcuts dock and how are they ordered?

Now that you thought of these, take out your phone and check how accurate you were. 

Close your phone again. 

What time is it?

How accurate were you?