Q&A #6

(1:22) Am I overthinking if I doubt the girl is sexually into me when I can tease her and make her emotionally reactive to me?

You’re overthinking if you’re asking yourself this question when you’re doing things largely correctly. It shouldn’t be an issue if you are able to be man-to-woman and able to sexualize in the interaction. It’s safe to assume that she likes you with at least a sexual overtone if you’ve made the conversation clearly sexual and she’s responding positively.

This concern is legitimate if you haven’t done enough things to make the interaction sexual. It depends on how much you put into the mix. It’s plenty if she’s hanging out with you with an understanding that you have a sexual inclination towards her.

Overthinking it will only cause more problems. You might just end up being friends if you don’t make the interaction man-to-woman or sexual enough. The more you can assume that the girl likes you, the better off you’re going to be.

(3:39) How do I behave the moment I leave a girl’s lips after kissing her? How should I behave after I get rejected at the kiss?

It’s completely fine to not say anything after the kiss. It’s okay to just be in the moment and smile after looking at her. It’s also okay to appreciate it for a moment and then go back to what you were talking about before. There may also be times when it’s appropriate to say something like “Mm, you’re a good kisser.”

This is not an easy situation to mess up because it’s already good. The fact is that you just kissed her. Doing very little is fine.

The biggest thing is to not be weird about it. Anything weird after kissing would be bad. Anything that is relatively normal-ish in that situation is okay. She already likes you and appreciates you for the kiss. Just do anything that comes naturally to you.

You should be getting rarely rejected at the kiss if you go for it in an intelligent manner. Any rejection that would happen should’ve happened before the kiss. Todd has only been rejected at the kiss around 5 times in his long dating career.

You should be leading and building up to that moment so that you don’t get rejected at the kiss. You should be able to get indicators before the actual kiss if it would go well or not. The best solution in these scenarios would be to laugh and find it unusual. The only other time Todd got rejected on the kiss was when the girl was too nervous and didn’t bring out her lips in time. This is another adverse situation where you would be able to display high-value characteristics to the girl.

(9:36) You said that women will sleep with you if it’s a win or a non-loss. What is an example of a non-loss?

Let’s say there were two guys a girl could sleep with in high school. It would be a loss for the girl if she were to sleep with the guy who was more likely to brag to the school that they slept together and hurt her reputation. It would be a non-loss for her if she slept with the guy who wouldn’t be as likely to spread the same news and hurt her reputation.

Let’s say you were dealing with a girl’s friends. It would be a loss of social value and reputation for her if she blatantly went home with you in front of them. It would be a non-loss for her reputation if she went home with you while her friends were not around.

It doesn’t always have to be social non-loss situations. Logistics could matter to the girl. It could also be a non-loss for her if you were to go to her place instead of her going to yours in the case of her having work in the morning. This will eliminate potential barriers and will make the girl more likely to say “Yes” to you. It is simply removing factors that could be a loss for you.

(12:19) A girl decides to go home with a guy at the end of the night just because he happens to be there. Is she attracted to him or is it more related to comfort?

There is the threshold of comfort. It’s the matter of how safe the girl would feel if you went back home with her. It’s also the matter of how clingy the girl thinks you will be after bringing her home.

There is also the threshold of value. It’s the case of if the girl will feel awful about herself after the interaction. Her standards might get lower the fewer options are available to her. The bar would be set high if there were many people around the bar at the beginning of the night. The standards will drop as the stimulus gets lower and the night ends. She is also comparing the time between hanging out with her friends and hanging out with other guys.

There could be a case of the girl making up her mind to hook up with someone. There have been cases of the girl feeling sexually frustrated after a guy she’s attracted to doesn’t take her home. She’s still feeling the same chemicals from that and will carry the momentum of having sex into the next interactions. This does not mean that she loses her entire criteria. She’ll accept any guys that are in an acceptable range of her normal standards in this state.

(15:27) When is the point of letting the girl win me over and how do I do this without becoming a foregone conclusion?

This is evaluation in the OPENClose model. This is when you stop disqualifying and start qualifying a little more. It’s not 100% either way. There should be a hint of “I like you” in the disqualification so the girl still sees the light at the end of the tunnel. Likewise, there should still be some hesitation when you are qualifying and saying “I like you” to the girl.

What should happen is that the ratio of disqualification and qualification will change as the interaction goes on. The point to let the girl win you over is when she appreciates it. It will be well received if you’ve built enough value where she’s giving an indicator that she’s willing to chase or wants your affection back. A girl wants compliments from a guy she’s attracted to.

(17:27) What are some things I can use to escalate to intimate topics?

Two drinking games that lead to a lot of sex in college are “Truth or Dare” and “Never Have I Ever.” Their format and structure lead to proper escalation. You often start off with questions that are marginally related to sex. These are questions about piercings or emotional thrills like riding roller coasters or breaking rules. You’re bound to get closer and closer to asking about sex-related questions.

It’s recommended to write down a sequence of questions as an exercise practice escalation and keep as reference when talking to a girl.

(21:26) What should I convey and not convey to make the girl categorize me as a lover, not a provider or boyfriend?

You’ll have a distinct lack of comfort if you don’t add any provider or boyfriend frames. You can sleep with a girl from a boyfriend frame. It’s just not as efficient from a cold approach. It’s also less efficient if you want to pursue open relationships. The boyfriend frame can have a lot of good elements as you date the girl.

Avoid making a lot of promises. Avoid talking about dating as boyfriend and girlfriend and other forms of commitment. You want to lay off anything that screams a future with the girl. You can add more of these elements later on in the relationship since you could be more open about liking each other. You don’t want to be the maximum provider that you could be.

You can disqualify yourself in terms of logistics or commitment. You could also tell stories with different girls in them to give a nod towards you being labeled as a playboy. You can focus on you being more of a lover than a provider.

You can also look at if you describe more logical things or more fun and emotional things. You can say almost any sentence that comes out of your mouth in a more lover than provider way. You’re creating a provider tone when you talk about how secure and safe your job is. It’s more “lover” if you talk about how competitive or cutthroat your job is.

Being a provider doesn’t have to do with how much money you have. It’s how you view money and relationships. You can be rich and be full “lover” by not spending money on women despite having a lot for yourself. You can be poor and be full “provider” by happily spending money on women despite having little for yourself.

(26:25) Would being caring and romantic with a girl I’ve already had sex with make her less sexually adventurous and interested in me?

It depends on the girl’s blueprints and the frames you’ve used. There are some girls that sleep with you on a pure value standpoint and will get turned off when you show comfort. There are a lot of girls who want to connect after sex and have a reassurance that the relationship is real.

Her sexual adventurousness also depends on her blueprint and frames used. It could be a problem if you come off as a pushover rather than a guy who would take risks sexually and would be fun sexually. It can also be good to have the girl comfortable enough to be open about what to try in bed. It’s a case-by-case scenario for each girl.

(28:20) I feel immoral for being the guy who sleeps with many girls. How do I reframe this in a positive way and be accepted by girls for being a player?

You have to ask yourself “Is sex an immoral thing to do?” if you’re feeling immoral about sleeping with a lot of girls. Think about if having sex with the girl will impact her negatively. There’s no loss if both parties enjoyed the sex and have a good interaction afterward. It’s not immoral to do something positive to someone.

It is immoral if you’re ditching the girl after having sex and promising her a relationship. You’re lying about your promise. Don’t promise something that you can’t deliver. Act a bit player-ish if you are player-ish. You want to give a clear indication of who you are.

You don’t want girls to think of you as a player. It may show that girls were attracted to you before. Being a player is unattractive. It’s better off if it seems like girls pursue you and you just happen to have sex. A girl won’t like you based on the fact that you’re a player. The effects of being a player is what makes you attractive.

You do want the girl to understand what she’s getting into. The girl will respect you for that in most cases. You will occasionally get a girl who only wants something serious.

(32:32) How do I pick a girl to be the mother of your children? 

It’s okay for the girl to just be hot when thinking in terms of sex. Todd has slept with many hot girls who he thought were not suitable to be a mother of his children due to various reasons.

You want to think about more aspects when thinking about the mother of your children. It would be better to settle for a 7/10 girl who you enjoy being with than a 10/10 model who you don’t enjoy being with as much. You want to think about the ideologies that the girl would raise the kid with rather than physical appearance alone. This is assuming that you’re having success and pulling attractive girls.

When you sleep with a girl enough times, you just think of her as your girlfriend and not as attractive or hot as the first time. Other girls will look hot just because they’re different. It’s bad if you choose a girl based on appearance alone since she will lose attractiveness as she gets older.

(36:18) How do I not kill myself because I miss every opportunity that comes in life as a 26-year-old?

Suicide is a decision you can never come back from. You better be 100% right to make this decision. Todd doesn’t think that you can be so certain about something that it’s worth killing yourself.

The only case suicide would be okay is through euthanasia after it was determined that suffering was the only method of life left. You never know what the future will bring.

26 years old is still young. You still have a long time left to live. Everything can turn around if you build one positive habit or build one positive relationship that motivates you. Even dead end prisoners who can’t control their daily lives can turn their life around by making small positive changes in the aspects they could control.

You can always turn things around. Every moment in life is a chance to start anew. There’s no reason for you to not turn your life around even if you had to start from scratch if you have the willingness and mentality to head in the right direction. There’s no situation where you’re better off dead than alive.

(41:19) Can you be direct with your intention that you want sex once you’ve slept with a girl or do I have still have to make it look like it just happened?

You can be a little more direct after the first time. There is still a little gaming to go on. There are many factors that don’t make it straightforward. It’s not cemented yet that you are a couple. It’s not a foregone conclusion that you’re going to consistently have sex with her in the future. There is still game involved even after the 2nd or 3rd time you’ve had sex.

You can be a lot more open with it once you’ve had sex several times and a relationship is established. It shows that both of you like the sex. You still want to be flirtatious throughout the relationship. It doesn’t hurt to keep being hard-to-get in some scenarios.

You want to stay the guy that she got attracted to in the first place. It helps to maintain good foreplay and teasing since it’s part of good sex.

(43:40) How do you avoid feeling jealous when a girl you’re seeing is casually sleeping with other guys?

It’s possible she could be less invested in you the next time you see her. The other guy could be doing a better job than you. There is also that connection that’s made when a man and woman have sex.
Be exclusive with her if you’re worried a girl will become less invested in you. There’s nothing wrong with being exclusive if it makes you happy. Most people’s long term relationships are exclusive. Make your decisions based on your happiness, not external standards.

Put it into context and realize it’s a tradeoff you have to deal with if you’re jealous while not willing to invest more into the girl. You can think about what sex does and doesn’t mean and how you and the girl interpret that. Change up the relationship by all means if you think it’s not working for you.

(46:52) What are the advantages for a girl dating a player/fuckboy compared to dating a guy who would commit to her? Do they have different sexual agendas for each guy? 

They are fundamentally different. Delineating all the differences would take a really long time. They are two different strategies. The girl is typically viewing you one way or the other.

(47:48) What motivates a woman to have sex with new guys instead of staying loyal to one high-value male?

Women do not inherently want to sleep with several new guys instead of sticking to one high-value guy. Most girls would not want to sleep with different guys if they have one high-value guy who is above their league and treating them well. Girls do occasionally cheat on high-value men. It does not mean it’s a fundamental premise all girls have.

Relative value and value matter when it comes to girls meeting different guys in practice. A girl could get bored of a high-value guy who is acting needy for a while. She could lose attraction and goes around to sleep with different guys. It also can be the case when the girl simply meets and sleeps with a higher value guy than the previous one she met. She could also just be drunk and not act rationally.

(49:48) How do I have confidence if I’m short? I’m 5’7” and just don’t know how to respond when people say “You’re short.”

Todd is also 5’7”. This has not been a problem for him. He rarely gets called short. Girls don’t comment that he’s short if they like him. He never even knew being short was a problem until he started teaching game. He never had any insecurities about his height.

A lot of your own insecurities are in your own mind. You would just be amused if someone calls you short when you don’t have any insecurities about being short. It becomes more of a problem if you’re bothered by the remark.

5’7” is not even that short. You’re still relatively around most countries’ average heights. You’re not a midget by all means. You’re going to be taller than most girls. It’s still not a problem to sleep with taller girls.

(52:00) I always think a girl will leave me for a better guy after listening to the “Evolution” part. Do girls ever just care about me unconditionally like love?

Girls will leave you for a better guy based on their ability to assess and their risk tolerance and preferences. Let’s say you’re an 8.5/10 with a girl who knows that she gets along with you and a good shared history. Most girls will stay with you over a 9/10 guy with no known shared history due to the comfort built with you.

The more you invest in the interaction, the more likely the girl would stay with you over even a significantly higher-value guy. She would be risking losing you if she were to try to get more information about the other guy and potentially having sex with him. Girls do have a strong tendency towards loyalty. Comfort assessment is a legitimate factor when it comes to evolution and girls leaving you for higher-value guys.

It’s a problematic phrase to say that a girl would unconditionally love you. This means that she would love you even if you were acting low-value. This is not going to happen. The girl will love you for what you bring to the table and what you continue bringing to the table. She has every right to stop loving you if you stop bringing value to the table. It’s more correct for the girl to unconditionally love you for the right reasons. In this case, you should also unconditionally love the girl for the right reasons.

There’s no reason to not expect the love to last when you are doing the right things.

(56:11) What value can I give to a girl on Tinder who most likely has guys they sleep with or can sleep with? Why would she hook up with me? 

This just means that the girl has choices. You just need to be the one that gets picked. The girl having options does not preclude you being chosen. You just have to be better in some way that gets you noticed. Most of the guys you’re competing with will be lower value than you.

(57:30) Am I not valuable enough or is the girl a shitty person if she cheats on me? How do I make girls never cheat on me? 

There’s always going to be a risk of the girl cheating on you. Girls have it in their nature that cheating is a viable nature of reproduction. There are many different reasons why she cheats on you.

You could be so good that a girl would be dumb for cheating on you. Most girls don’t do stupid things often. You can make it statistically unlikely for the girl to cheat on you. You can’t completely eliminate the risk of the girl cheating on you. This is not something you should be concerned about all the time.

She’s a shitty person by your definition if you define a shitty person as one who cheats. Most girls would cheat under the right circumstances. It’s flawed to judge a person based on what’s genetically coded in them. Don’t consider girls shitty if they cheat.

You can’t really fault someone for stealing bread when they’re on the brink of starvation. Women do have priorities. You should do your best to fit those priorities.

It’s not necessarily true that the girl cheats on you because you’re low-value. You could’ve messed up something comfort-wise. It could be that she met a really high-value guy. You being low-value is definitely a factor of the girl cheating on you.

(1:00:52) How do I get over the beginner level in finance?

The first book Todd read was “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. It’s simplistic. It’s good for learning the fundamentals of being a wealthy person.

The “Rich Dad Poor Dad” Cashflow Game and Monopoly are good in the sense that they’re infinite games. There are many undefined rules that players can use to be good at the game. These are things such as making partnerships and trading things. It’s great to use as educational tools for finance. The one thing is that the stock market investing strategy in “Rich Dad” is poor.

Anything related to Warren Buffet is good. His shareholder letters are great educational guides. His autobiographies are also a good place to start.

“Free to Choose” by Milton Friedman is a good read. You want to understand how markets work in general. You might make some dumb mistakes if you don’t understand it.

(1:04:36) How do I know what I want in a girl? 

Get more ideal. Everyone wants a girl who is hot and intelligently funny. Assume that you’re in a game show where you have to choose from a million hot, funny, and emotionally intelligently funny girls. Think about what your next factor would be. Think about what your ideal experiences with a girl would be like.

Just be more particular with your girls. There are way too many girls who are funny, hot, and emotionally intelligent. This just says that you don’t want a girl who’s awful. Start being pickier.

(1:06:16) How do I argue or fight with a girl?

You can attack the argument, but you shouldn’t attack the person. There are three levels that come to this. You shouldn’t go with “You’re stupid.” “Your argument is stupid” is better but still not that good. It’s much better to go with “Your argument doesn’t make sense. Here’s why…”

Be willing to hear someone out and then break it down. It’s going to make things more palatable if you agree with parts of it while you disagree with the general thing. You might think that a girl’s ideology is wrong but well-intentioned. You can just give her “Hey, I understand where you’re coming from, but XYZ.” Find ways to relate and be on common grounds.

It’s not even worth arguing most of the time. You’re most likely not going to change someone’s opinion. The purpose of arguing is to be on the same page and not create animosity. It’s a bad argument if it creates animosity and doesn’t get you on the same page. The point of arguing is to create a better future, not to win. You’re going to be in a better place in terms of arguing if you keep this in mind.

(1:08:20) What do I do if a girl enjoys spending time with me but doesn’t put in the effort to see me unless I make the first move after hanging out multiple times? 

Make the first move and hang out many times for now. This is completely fine. Suck it up if the process of getting what you want on a high percentage basis is not ideal. Don’t be worried about how it happens.

Don’t throw out what’s already working if you’re having sex with the girl but you’re not getting what you want early on. You can certainly experiment with different things. This is something that most guys don’t have. Be happy with what you have. It’s going to be gradual progress from a solution that already works.

Most girls won’t put in the effort unless you make the first move anyway. Most girls will warm up to you after you’ve spent time with them. You may find that this naturally changes as you get better at game.

(1:10:39) How do I let go and move on from a great girl?

There was something wrong in the relationship if you’re moving on. She may not have been the greatest girl for you. You could be in a position where you learned and will do better next time. It’s very easy to put a girl on a pedestal at any time. Remember that the relationship ended for a reason.

There are a lot of girls you can meet in the world. It’s very possible to find a better girl than the previous one.

You shouldn’t think about something that you can’t go back to. It only makes sense to think back to choices that were actually action. It’s a complete waste of time to think back to something that is not actionable.

(1:12:33) How should I feel about a girl who was already with a guy in my social circle? Is it inherently low-value on my end? 

Sleep with the girl if you like her and want to sleep with her. It’s better off than not sleeping with her.

A lot of guys think their reputation would be ruined if they sleep with a girl who was with a lower-value guy in their social circle. This is typically not the case. You look cool if you sleep with an attractive girl.

Do things for your own happiness. Who cares how you look? Stop thinking so much about what other people think.

It shouldn’t matter to the girl that you guys are in the same social circle.

(1:13:47) Is it an emotional objection or something serious if a girl doesn’t want to get involved with me because she wants to focus on her career?

It’s possible that she is overly obsessed with her career. This may not be a good girl to date.

It’s possible that you’re not high-value enough if she’s overly obsessed with her career relative to you. This means she doesn’t care to see you. She would probably see you if you were more high-value.

Many factors are involved in this. There are many factors of her career. There are many factors of you. There is also the interplay between the two. Many girls are fundamentally one way or the other.

The other question is at what stage she said this. It would be weird if she said this after you just say “Hi.” There’s more chance for you if the girl says this after hooking up with her several times. She may just say that her career is her focus. This could be a shifting thing as she sees and hooks up with you more.

(1:15:30) How do I compete as an introvert with my extrovert friend who is perceived as higher-value?

Don’t compete with him. You can learn from his behaviors and become better. You can also cooperate with him so both of you get girls since he’s better at game than you are. Don’t try to outdo him at the things he’s good at. Do what you’re good at.

Be a different value proposition. You can be the introverted guy who makes deeper connections.

Having high-value friends will mostly help you. It’s possible they pull the hottest girls because they’re currently better than you. Just keep working on it since you can eventually get better than them. They also bring the girl’s hot friends, which gets you a better net result.

You should be happier about dating a 9 from your friend’s girl’s friend group than pulling a 7 by yourself, even if your friend is dating a 10. Don’t bring girls into your social circle if the friend has a tendency of stealing the girls you introduce.

(1:18:11) Do girls need less comfort to have sex with someone in a party or club than Daygame?

Girls hook up faster at clubs on average than Daygame. This means less time-lapse for comfort. Value is going to be more of a factor the less time there is. The club is meant to be value-centric. It’s an environment where value is highlighted.

You still have to take each individual girl on a case-by-case basis to see if she is comfort-centric or value-centric. You shouldn’t pay as much attention to the time or environment.

People are also drinking at the club. They tend to make more emotional decisions when drunk. Value is linked to emotional decisions while comfort is based on logical decisions.

(1:20:01) What do I do if I’m building relationships with girls I like but logistics make me see them less than I want to?

See them as much as you can. Enjoy the rest of your life. Figure out the logistics if it becomes a serious problem.

People will fix logistics if the relationship is good enough. Focus on having a good relationship first. You can deepen the relationship to the point where logistics is not an issue. It’s better if she is the one moving to see you.

(1:21:09) How do I tell if I should stay with a girl or keep looking for something better?

Experience is the best answer. You’ll have a better idea of what girls are out there the more girls you’ve known. It’s a really good chance the girl is good if she is the best girl you’ve dated out of 50 girls. You don’t really know if she’s the best one you’ve dated out of 2 girls. This is why meeting many girls before settling down is useful.

Date and explore girls within the realm you can. You can flirt and be social with other girls while in an exclusive relationship. Don’t violate the terms of the relationship. This gives you an opportunity to interact and see what’s out there. It may be an indicator that your relationship is not the best for you if you find yourself compelled to other girls.

It may also be an indicator that your relationship is good for you if you value your girl more after interacting with other girls. Be aware of what’s in the market even if you’re not active on the market.

(1:23:52) What do girls provide to guys while guys provide value to girls?

It depends on you on what makes you choose one girl over the other. Only you can answer why you prefer one girl over another. Date different girls to find out your preferences. You don’t need to constantly think about this.

Girls bring several things to the table. She should bring a positive experience with you and value on the table. They bring the potential to start a family. They bring the ability to have sex. Different girls bring different things to the table.

(1:25:46) Is there a way to uncover or figure out when you’re being shit-tested?

You should feel a certain way if an effective shit-test was used. It should feel like you’re being challenged or pressured unlike before. You may also feel uncomfortable after feeling comfortable. These are good emotional indicators that a shit-test may have happened.

You would then logically determine if that was a shit-test and respond. You will become instinctive with this over time.

It’s fine if you can’t pinpoint the shit-test exactly as long as you pass it. It’s something to work on if you can’t locate and handle the shit-test.

(1:27:43) What are your thoughts on Daygame during Corona time?

Everyone has their own risk tolerance. You need to make your own decision to do Daygame or not during this time. People with masks on will care more about social distancing than people who don’t wear masks. A lot of people are resorting to online dating due to COVID-19. You just need to gauge the girl’s tolerance in the situation. She’s still going to get attracted to you if you’re high-value.

Most people, particularly in the United States, don’t care. Most people wish life was back to normal. Just game as normal. They’re going to be largely open to you if you appropriately facilitate the social interaction.

The only thing is to be open from a socially correct distance. This is so no one feels upset or nervous on the open. You can get closer once there is a good indicator. Most people won’t be weird with you if you respect the boundaries or laws.

Everything in life has a risk-reward ratio. There is a risk of catching COVID-19 whenever you talk to a stranger. The risks may be low, especially if you’re younger, but they still exist. Both you and the girl are assessing the upside of the situation. There’s no downside if you open from a socially correct distance. There will be more upside created as the interaction gets better and the girl likes you more. She would then be fine with engaging in a conversation with you closely.

(1:32:26) What are some ways I can identify a girl’s blueprint without overstretching mine?

Being introverted or extroverted doesn’t really matter. It actually may be good if an introvert and extrovert dated. Either side can handle their own side of things. Both sides would also be able to learn from the other party.

You have the things you enjoy in your life. She also has the things that she enjoys in her life. You want to find out where those two Venn diagrams meet. You don’t want to be making up stuff. You also don’t want to do things that you hate doing. Emphasize characteristics that are in character and in her blueprint.

(1:34:07) Would the girl feel buyer’s remorse after dropping her standards or would she go back to him?

There can be times when the girl and guy build a good connection even though she dropped her standards. There are also cases where the guy is a chode who’s way below her standards and the girl’s like “What the fuck?” The fact that you met her in an opportunistic situation does not preclude you from being a high-value guy.

You could have been just a high-value guy she met when she was looking for medium to high-value guys. There is a higher percentage of the guy messing the situation due to the girl allowing more guys than her normal filter. The filter won’t affect you if you’re a guy who passes the filter in the first place.

(1:35:44) How do you motivate yourself to do tasks you don’t enjoy doing in order to achieve your overall goals?

You can find meaning in it if you truly understand that it’s good for your overall goal. Todd may not like running but he’ll do it to get better at soccer, his overall goal. You can also convince yourself to practice by thinking that it would hurt more to lose.

You can associate a positive thing with something hard. Todd enjoys playing pool but needs to work on his business. He can cope with this by allowing himself to play 15 minutes of pool once he finishes 45 minutes of work.

This allows him to enjoy his hobby and focus on his tasks. You can make a synergy where you’re rewarding yourself and going through what you had to go through. It makes you feel good and accomplished about yourself while also enjoying yourself.

(1:39:03) Do women care more about value since comfort is an easy thing to build?

Women do care more about value at first. You’re not standing out if you lead with comfort. Value is something you be while comfort is something you do. The girl cares more about your ability to be it.

Let’s say there’s one player who runs fast but has attitude problems and another guy who runs really slow but has the greatest attitude in the world. No coach cares about the attitude of the player if they do not have the proper fundamentals. The coach would choose the fast player and hope that the attitude gets fixed.

You can similarly weed people out in game. You don’t need to compete against people who don’t have the raw fundamentals against you. You would evaluate the behaviors of a guy who does have the raw talent.

(1:41:17) Is the girl still into me if she didn’t reply to my text but said she’s interested in meeting me when I saw her the second time?

Todd doesn’t know since he wasn’t there. The second interaction “unflaked” her. Each in-person interaction is like a fresh chance to the flaking. She might just be polite to you since she’s at work. Don’t go back consistently to the point where it’s creepy.

You can resuscitate things by dropping the text and “accidentally bumping into her” at the store. This is possible since there is a place where you can have in-person interaction for the most part.

(1:42:35) What is the best way to transition to a phone number on online dating and when?

Get the number as early as you reasonably can. Get off the app as fast as you can. Going back and forth in messaging is not good. You should be closing once you get an indication that plans are a theoretical possibility.

(1:44:08) How do you practice game without it being the main part of your life but being consistent?

You don’t need much time. It’s more than enough if you’re consistently going out to a game for 3-4 hours a week and following up to the girls. Give your best when you’re doing it. The quality of practice matters more than quantity.

(1:44:52) Should you use professional pose pictures on Tinder? 

There’s no problem using a professional pose picture or a couple. It’s a good idea to mix in 1 or 2 candid photos. There have been profiles with only professional photos that worked. Girls will swipe on you if you look your fundamental best.

(1:45:51) What are some solutions to managing multiple organizations?

You should have a primary focus. You’re going to have one company that will be more worth your time or simply better than the others. You want to give it its proper due.

Get people who can do the things you can’t do. This will let you focus on more high-value things. Getting a good crew is a big part.

Understand your own weaknesses. You’ll rise to the level of your weaknesses. Todd was good at school but terrible at organization. He got away with it until he had to manage other people’s flows in business.

If he was by himself, Todd would’ve been able to procrastinate and rush out the work for the video. This strategy does not work when it comes to working with other people. This forced Todd to learn how to schedule for his workers’ sakes.

Todd eventually hired people to organize and schedule things for him since he realized it was not a strength at all. Find the right people that can do at least the same job you would do on a task.

(1:49:15) How do I know if the girl’s values are too different than mine?

You should invest some time in training the girl if she has the capability to be certain things. Don’t invest if she doesn’t seem to have the capability. You can compromise or work out the issues whenever they come up.

You could train her when it comes down to her willingness, viewpoints, or anything related. You can’t train ability into a girl. There’s also not much you can do if the girl is not attractive enough. You can also mold yourself to be her ideal girlfriend.

(1:51:34) What are some examples of how to apply narrative in online and text game?

The biggest use of narrative in online game is the profile and photos. You’re telling a visual and word story about yourself.

This will be the catalyst for a girl’s attraction to you and the ensuing messaging. Ask yourself “What am I trying to convey?” with every photo and everything you put in your profile. Everything should have an answer to that question. Anything with a bad or no answer should be left out.

(1:54:57) Is intelligence critical to game? If so, how can you get better at it?

There should be a baseline of a minimal intelligent level. Being totally dumb will not help. You’re smart enough if you know how to write the question.

There is a general level of competence. Being able to handle yourself in life and in adverse situations is fairly necessary in game. You don’t need to be able to do calculus to learn game. You can even be below average intelligence and still be able to learn game.

(1:55:44) What are Todd’s favorite resources for business growth?

Todd likes to use books. This is his go-to option. He reads books over watching podcasts and videos if he wanted to learn something useful.

It’s valuable that someone took time and effort to organize and write their best material in the book. It’s more efficient to read through paper books than to listen to Audiobooks since there is a lot of fluff in good books. You’re able to skim parts you don’t want to read and focus on the parts that intrigue you.

(1:57:06) Girls are ghosting or not texting back since I become too needy to the girls I like. How do I prevent this?

The answer is in the question. Be less needy. Treat the girls you like in the same manner you would treat girls who you don’t like as much.

(1:58:51) If a girl says she’s looking for a casual thing, what would make her pursue a relationship instead?

Girls will say they want something casual when they don’t. They don’t want to seem needy or invested. Girls also want to start casual because guys get needy and try to make it serious too fast. This just means there are many factors that caused the girl to say that she was looking for something casual to get what she actually needs.

There’s a big difference between them saying they want it casual versus them actually wanting it to be casual. Be a higher value than the girl’s options.

She’s going to want more with you if you’re a better option than her other ones. She’s going to want less with you if you’re a worse option. Provide enough value so that she would want a relationship with you.

(2:00:34) How do I deal with girls on their periods?

It was never an issue for Todd whether the girl was on her period or not. It’s fine if it’s not a problem for you and an embarrassment for them. You can have sex in the shower or lay a towel down.

Just do the most you can without it if the girl is adamant against sex. You can still make out.  She could give you a blowjob or a handjob.
You want to ideally make her cum in ways other than sex so she knows that you know what you’re doing. Just give her a good overall experience. Don’t be pushy for sex.

(2:02:05) What are some ways to get the girl to logically agree with me and get verbal compliance from her?

You can just point out any indications that she likes you. You can be like “Aww, you like me. Thank you”

You can also be like “Hey, this is weird since we’re having a good time and whatnot. When did you start liking me?” This would be more appropriate after escalation happened.

Another thing you can do is a pull-away. This is where she feels that you lose her attention. She will then make an effort to get it back. The fact that she’s doing effort is a good acknowledgment that she likes you.

(2:03:40) The infields only show technique. What are some good filler conversation topics that aren’t boring?

There are two reasons why the infields only show the gamey parts of the interaction. It makes it more interesting and entertaining, Most guys struggle with the gamey parts of the interaction. They’re a lot better at having boring conversations. The gamey parts are usually what the people need the most.

Don’t bore yourself. Talk about things that you want to talk about. Change the topic if it bores you.

Talk to the girl like you were having an engaging conversation with someone or talking to a close friend. The topics become unboring if they’re slowly escalating and getting more intimate. These topics build sexual tension and will help carry your value in game. You want the topics to be escalating and getting more personal. The fact that you’re into it will come through a decent conversation even if it’s not a great conversation.