Q&A #7

(1:34) Can you explain the concept of calibration? What exactly is it and how do you go about doing it properly from moment-to-moment?

(6:46) What are good types of first messages we can send online to get more girls to respond and ultimately more dates? Any tips on improving the follow-up messages?

(10:16) Are there subtle differences between what a 7 would consider high-value versus 10?

(13:54) I understand the concept “change her mood not mind” but idk how to use it in practice. Can you give some examples in scenarios, etc to understand better?

(19:37) I’ve tried yes and/ I love and I hate, but if I use those formats in set, whatever comes out first could just be nonsense and not high value. How to fix this?

(23:52) How to get excited for a set? I’m naturally pretty low energy, and I have a hard time faking a smile. I just don’t know how to bring energy to start off.

(27:21) I have a harder time acting high value with girls I actually like as I’m more filtered and nervous vs normal girls. What do I do about this?

(31:16) At the end of the date, how do I pull properly? I’ve seen you say “can I use your washroom” but then what do I say to stay after I’m done using the washroom?

(35:04) expand on logically safe vs emotionally unsafe. sourced from toddv YT story about a doctor mistakenly applying his game towards an open relationship

(39:43) How do you know when you can begin to successfully evaluate a woman during an interaction? Is there a specific cue to watch out for?

(43:12) I’m cheap but I love hot blonde girls (e.g. Paris Hilton types). Problem: they have expensive tastes. Do I have to “sacrifice” my cheapness to date these girls?

(48:21) Where should I go if I want to find low maintenance, hot blonde girls? E.g. Paris Hilton looks + Toyota maintenance costs (For reference, I live in SoHo, NYC.)

(50:16) How do you effectively “not qualify” without seeming weird? E.g. a girl may genuinely ask you why you did something; do you just not answer to “not qualify”?

(53:14) I am a 30 y.o. millionaire – how do I let the girls know that while being subtle and high value about it? I don’t want her to use me for money but it’s a UVP

(55:39) Long question but the same premise. I’ve heard you say that girls don’t like being seen as “sluts”. Can you explain why on social media now…continued next q
(especially tik tok/Instagram and also only fans) girls will post the most sexual and “slutty” things? And how do girls end up doing porn then? …continued

(1:01:52) What frame do you have with a girl you see that also sees other guys to not get jealous? And what’s the psychology of these girls as I though they like monogamy

(1:07:13) Tying value/comfort to OPEN-Close: Is “premise” classified as value and “evaluation”, “narrative”, and “close” classified as comfort? Or is it more nuanced?

(1:10:01) What are some exact lines for day-game opening conversationally/friendly for girls with masks on?

(1:15:53) You mentioned that we should wait for the girl to text 1st after a date, but what % of the time does she not & you have to text 1st?

(1:18:31) Can you explain cognitive dissonance, and how that relates to female psychology or even general human psychology if you can?

(1:23:19) How do you handle a failed shit test without losing overall value with the others in the social circle after being first introduced to them?

(1:25:09) Todd, does watching porn and masturbation make you low value and what’s your overall opinion on those?

(1:27:47) If I get close with a girl, I find I tend to value the relationship more than my own goals. How to have a loving relationship but still value my own goals more?

(1:29:47) I wanna be a business owner but chances of new business failing are high. Do I keep working on it and just hope it will work? How to know it’s time to give up?

(1:34:09) If girl tend to stay with me even in front of higher value men cause of shared history then what bout guy friends who she also builds history with.Are theyThreat?

(1:36:17) How to react when a girl is being difficult as in she won’t tell you what’s wrong but gets mad if you stop asking?

(1:39:04) Why does it seem like attractive girls sleep around more? Don’t they have to be more selective? And can hot girls be loyal considering they have so many options?

(1:41:42) What to do if your girl keeps asking “are you texting other girls”? Is this a lack of comfort or is she just insecure or being nasty or what? I’m confused.