Stealing Value 

The idea is that a guy comes in to steal a girl’s emotions after another guy had talked and aroused her emotions beforehand. If a girl is lashing out to her boyfriend and another guy is more attractive in the situation, the random guy will get more attraction and the boyfriend would look like a loser in this situation. 

It is a dark and sinister way of gaming, but some guys are better at stealing girls from guys than they are of getting attraction to themselves. This is because they have not learned attraction techniques, but they have learned another set of techniques, such as being alpha and dominant. This allows guys to steal value when they would not have been able to otherwise. 

17 years ago, Todd was in Las Vegas and he had met his pickup mentor who wanted to get his attention to show off his girl. She was really into him and he most likely wanted to make himself look cool in front of the girl and get validation from Todd. He acted nonchalantly and was like, “Ok, cool. Good to meet you.” The more the mentor tried to get Todd’s attention, the more the girl saw Todd as high-value relative to the mentor. What happened was that her attraction went from the mentor to Todd. However, Todd’s game was not as effective and she would lose attraction the longer Todd was with her, but when she would look back at the mentor, Todd’s value would increase due to the previous incident. Every time the mentor tried to get her back or Todd tried to push her back, she would cling onto Todd harder. Fortunately, Todd is a nice guy and he ended up leaving the situation. The mentor’s set was probably not as good as it was before Todd came due to the value transference. 

Similarly, Todd has to be careful when gaming with his students because of the girl being more reactive to Todd’s game than the student’s game.