Subconscious Value Triggers From Evolution

What are some high-value behaviors from evolution?

Social proof is people responding well to you socially. This includes you having friends and being a leader. You’re getting a good reception from people and treated with respect. 

Sexual social proof is women responding well to you or people indicating you’ve been with girls in the past. Having social proof is almost always positive.

Sexual social proof can be more positive, but it is polarizing and can trigger some people. For example, if Todd were to tell how many people he has slept with before or that he was a dating coach, some people would think it’s immoral or disgusting. Sexual social proof can garner negative responses as well. Social proof is safer, but sexual social proof can be more powerful. 

Competence is being good at things. Having people discover accidentally that you’re good at things is very positive. 

Health goes directly with evolution and good genetics. A lot of physical traits that women see as attractive are traits related to health.Having a symmetrical face tends to be attractive because, before the age of antibiotics, faces were disfigured due to diseases. If you have good health, you are genetically gifted in that area and the offspring would ideally have good health as well. 

Access to resources is always useful.

Resilience is very positive. This is being able to handle social pressure, shit-tests, etc..

Think about how you can convey these traits in a story. Can your story convey social proof, competence, health, resources, etc.? It should be in a way that’s not obvious like you are trying to brag and the story came out naturally.