The Secret Society of High Social Value People

There is a “world” or a secret society of high-value people in terms of sex and relationships. It has slightly different rules. Girls will treat you differently if you act differently. If you act like you’re trying to fit in and fit society’s norms, people will treat you as one way because they’re going to see you as not much fun and potentially socially dangerous to their social status. 

A girl will primarily sleep with you because it’s a win or non-loss for her. If you seem to be of the high-value, nonjudgemental class of people, the value and social status loss for her is almost nothing. There will be a lot of very attractive, high-value people that are willing to sleep with other high-value people, but it will be hard if you’re not in that group. One reason is your intrinsic value and what you bring to the table. It’s also due to your attitude because as you become more high-value, you become more abundant and less judgemental and jealous. 

If you start acting in this nonjudgmental and high-value way, you’re going to be perceived as part of this secret society. You’re going to start getting treated by girls this way. This will get your results. This will help you to eventually being actually high-value. 

This is another feedback loop that can be created. This can be started by acting like a high-value person. When you are acting like it, you’re being grown with it. You will be then brought into this world of more abundance and resources. There is a logical basis for every single step happening. People are evolutionarily looking for good genetics and resources and a lack of potential downside. 

The reason why it can be hard to be high-value is that the world does not directly benefit from you being high-value in the way you yourself do. You need to be your driving force and biggest fan. There will be guys who don’t want competition with them and girls who don’t want you to mess up the established order. Nobody is going to try to help you become high-value. You have to find motivation, self-love, and conviction to follow through. 

The fact that it is hard gives you an advantage. It is the best opportunity for you to stand out. This is what separates the winners and losers. You should be embracing challenges rather than trying to run from them. Have faith and belief and know other people have done it before. You should be worrying about being on the right path instead of where you are right now. You will reach your destination as long as you follow the right path.