The Winner Effect


The winner effect is seen in all animals, but it is strongly seen in fish and some reptiles. 

If a fish wins a fight, it gets a boost of adrenaline that makes it seem more alpha and confident. This will help it win in the upcoming fights it would encounter. If fish A beat fish B and fish B beat fish C, fish A would beat fish C by transitive property because the testosterone boost would have made the fish fundamentally better.  

Each time a fish loses, there is an increase in cortisol, which makes it more beta and more selective of fights. This also affects their chances of successfully mating. 

This can be seen in humans too. The more we win in life, the more “testosterone”  and confidence we will get. This will help not only in direct physical confrontations but also in situations that are not physical as well. 

This is important to help structure our life so that we win more. Likewise, you want to structure how you go out in game so that you are winning and feel good about it. This will help build your alphaness as opposed to detracting from it. This is important in terms of how well you can stick to something and execute it.