Tinder Breakdown — Abs

The guy claims to get good results with sixes and sevens, not with nines or tens. 

“Please don’t be fat in real life. If you think this is rude but have “please be over 6 ft swipe left!” is interesting. All men can relate to this and say “How dare you think it’s offensive to say we don’t’ want fat girls when it’s OK for you to say this, this, and this?”If you’re in the selector frame as a guy, you can make your demands. If the girl is in the selector frame, she can make her demands most of the time. 

The last comment is a very bad leveling behavior. It can be seen that he is saying that he has standards. It also shows you stand up to yourself as a man. The way it comes off is a little frustrating and angry at his relationships with women. It is a little abrasive and a lot of women are not going to be directly receptive to it. 

It’s clear that he is selling his abs in his pictures. Girls do like abs. Abs are helpful and should be used. 

It is very one-dimensional. Every single thing is about fitness. Even the bio is about getting a protein drink. It’s hammered with “I’m fit” and “I have a body.” This would seem attractive for a girl who has never been with a guy with abs before or a less attractive girl because he’s automatically above a 6 or 7 due to the abs. This would not be as appealing to 9’s or 10’s who are already attractive and potentially already have guys with abs hitting them up. 

The bottom right photo shows the guy watching his friend do the lever workout. It’s not the biggest deal since he implies he can do those things also by showing off his body. It would be a better idea to use a picture of him doing the thing as opposed to the friend doing the thing.

There are a couple of useless photos present. The top middle photo shows everything he’s already displayed. The bottom left photo only shows nothing besides that he has a guy friend.

The individual photos are great, but that can’t be all that’s there. You need to go out of your way to add little more to your personality. 

There is nothing polarizing or challenging. The one attempt comes off too abrasive and annoyed with women as opposed to polarizing in a positive way.