Tinder Breakdown — Engineer

This guy is an engineer.

He puts down that he’s 5’8” and points out how average it is.

“Laid back dad with a dad bod” shows comfort. A jacked guy would show more value.

“Like cross country trips, working out just enough” plays on the safe side. He is not trying to risk being offensive by claiming to be a workout extremist. This says that you work out to fit in.

“Exploring new places and meeting new people” is good. Every guy has this on their profile. A good exercise to do is to see what repeats in guys’ profiles so you stand out.

“420 friendly” is the edgiest thing on the profile.

“Love giving massages. Here for conversations, dates, and cuddles” is blatantly missing the word “sex.” He seems to be afraid of mentioning sex due to it being risky and polarizing. A girl won’t think a guy is comfortable with sex if he is not comfortable talking about it.

“No driving tickets so far” shows you don’t drive fast. It means that you don’t take risks. This continues the vibe of “I fit in” given by the profile.

It is a good idea to talk about what you want and don’t want in a girl. It should be in a way that is disqualifying or challenging. “SUCKER for short girls, long hair, and winks” is saying “I’ll love you extra if you’re these characteristics.” This is saying a preference rather than challenging a girl to step up to win you over.

It is not a good idea to show two photos of you with the same shirt. You want it to look like you have as many shirts as you can.

When a girl is seeing your first profile, you need to make the first photo your absolute best one. They’re going to see that face the most as they’re looking at your profile. The face should be less smiley. It should look more stern or aloof.

Bathroom selfies don’t convey a lot of your lifestyle. When you are choosing pictures, you should be thinking about what story it is telling about you. There is nothing about the guy’s profile. It just doesn’t stand out.

Many guys use “Tough Mudder” photos as their one way of showing they’re athletic. It’s good that the photo shows a large group of people as social proof. The more ethnically diverse your friend group is, the better. It is more high-value if you show that you can fit in with people of different heritages and cultural groups.

Make sure you look your best in your photos. Check if your hair is done. Don’t wear the same clothes twice.

Take risks. Be willing to take risks and stand out.

Another social proof could be used. One where the digit demographic looks socially hot or socially high-value could be utilized.

The guy might be fine if a girl were to match and message him. The only problem is that it does not stand out compared to other profiles. This would lead to girls swiping left on you when they are continuously swiping through profiles.