Tinder Breakdown — Helicopter

It’s good that he’s standing in front of a helicopter. The way he’s dressed is incongruent and displays low-value. His clothes are baggy and there’s nothing special about them.

It’s bad that the first photo makes him look overweight even though he is in shape in other photos. 

Cuddling is another euphemism for sex. It makes it seem like he’s afraid to mention the word “sex.”

“Weaknesses include: great energy and accents” is not polarizing or challenging. 

“You’re definitely gonna love or hate me” is kind of polarizing, but still soft. 

The photo of him in the water is a good value add. It shows that he is in good shape. 

The lake photo is not good for the profile. His clothes are too baggy and make him look overweight. 

The photo with him in front of the chariot shows some uniqueness and class. The issue that his body does not look good despite him having a good one shows up again. 

His expression does not look natural. It shows “I hope you like me” or “I’m posing for this photo to look good.”It looks like you care about what people think about you. He should work on posing, such as staring away from the camera. This works because girls develop crushes on a potential high-value guy from far away when he does not have all of their attention and seems to have better things to do. Looking away from your camera and seeming a little aloof or dismissive will do that for you. 

Something to do when taking photos is to look at the camera and convey the emotion that you want to convey. It should be almost as if you are having a dialogue with the camera. Take tons of photos and select the best ones. This is one of the biggest secrets when it comes to photos. 

The social proof photos are not the best for several reasons. The bottom left photo does not suggest anything sexual or romantic. It looks like you are hanging out with cousins or sisters. He does not look like his physical best. No one looks good when they’re falling and have their mouth open. People tend to assume that you look like your worst physical photo. 

The last social photo is interesting. It looks like he got thrown a party due to him being the center of attention. The girls are somewhat attractive. The fact that there are only Asians in the photo shows he fits in rather than that he stands out. He might be saying “I don’t fit into other cultures” to a girl who is outside of that cultural niche. He looks very niche since 100% of the people in the photos are Asian. 

Since some guys look dorky and not all the girls are really hot, it might be better off to show a flavor of the photo rather than the whole thing. If the photo is cropped, all the core ideas are still present and it doesn’t look like you intentionally included a photo just because it had a bunch of girls. Cropping the photo will show you that you know girls and it won’t show that the entire demographic is Asian. This will help him look attractive on a broader level. 

The biggest takeaway is that he plays the “I fit in” role and played it too safe. His best qualities are being shied away. It’s problematic that the first photo makes him look like a kid and not fit when he is actually in good shape. The profile photo should be you at your physical best with your face shown clearly. 

The guy has nothing that would disqualify girls from being attracted to him. It’s just not packaged as well as it should be. This profile could go a lot further if some elements in the photos were tweaked, such as pose or attire.