Tinder Breakdown — Professor

“Entrepreneur, Professor” shows intelligence and a little risky. 

It can be argued that several things make up his unique value proposition. These are that he is an entrepreneur, professor, and traveler.  Listing out his profession does not make a strong impression on girls. His value proposition is, therefore, mostly that he is a nice guy who travels.

“Moved back from Puerto Rico” makes it seem like you moved back due to a failure that happened in Puerto Rico. It’s like the idea of moving back to your parents’ home. It does not show resilience or success. “Came back from exploring Puerto Rico for 3 years” or “Came back from a 3-year stint in Puerto Rico” seems more adventurous and intentional. 

The profile is mostly one-dimensional with travel. “I like a girl with some spice” is the only somewhat polarizing thing. If “spice” is the most offensive word, it’s playing it safe. 

The top left photo looks serious. If you look closely, his lips looked a little chapped and sunburnt. It may make you look weathered but part of being high-value and resilient is not letting nature affect you. The button-up shirt is not the worst choice but it could have been better. 

The top right photo is much better than the top left photo despite him looking away from the camera. 

The back photo with the surfboard is the best photo. It is unfortunate that it does not show his face. It shows his physical body and that he is athletic, laid back, and chill. The photo looks unintentional and does not look like a pose. The surfboard says “travel” better than saying “travel” 16 times in the profile. 

The photo with two guys and one girl has good and bad things. The good thing is that it shows you have at least one guy friend and one friend who is a girl in the world. The problem is that the friend looks like the center of attention due to his hat. You don’t want to be in a photo where there can be a comparison between guys. The girl in the photo is just a standard blonde white girl with no special features. The fact that you’re doing something physical with a girl is helping. 

The photo of him with the kid is a great supplemental photo. Being a mentor or father figure to a kid says many good things. It shows him as a cool or generous leader to a kid. It looks more natural compared to the button-up shirt photo. His personality can be seen more.

The photo with the ruins shows more emphasis on travel. The issue is that the clothes do not look good. Even though he is hiking, the clothes don’t fit the best and it makes him look like a scrub.

The next photo has a nice view, but it is a waste since he can’t be seen in it clearly. 

The last photo is a worse version of the amazing surfboard photo. 

The surfboard, blue hoodie, and kid photos are all good photos. Since he does not look at his physical best, the travel photos should be replaced with ones where he does look good. A face shot is good to add, but it should be less tense and nervous. 

This is a situation of a nice guy who fits in but has nothing edgy. There is nothing polarizing in this profile. Most girls won’t even reach the surfboard photo, which will get him dates, because they clicked off the first photo. It is better to minimize some of the other photos and take more risks in the profile due to it being a little bland.