Tinder Breakdown — Tattoos

He has the bad boy look with his tattoos.

He also fits the socialite connector archetype as a nightclub promoter. 

The photos are good. He’s stylish. The photos are well taken. The tattoos are displayed well. He has a decent physique.

One problem is that two of the photos are very similar. The expression in the first photo is much better. The second photo doesn’t add anything to the overall vibe. It’s better if the second photo was deleted. 

You get social proof of toughness. Something that is missing is girls. Being a promoter and having this look are definitely social proof elements. Having some girls drawn in the profile would make it better.

“Looking for something casual because I’m a piece of shit” and the height is pretty good. It gives off a high-value “I don’t care” vibe.

It would be better if the profile wasn’t as one-dimensional. It looks like the person only has the bad boy promoter archetype. Other depth in humanity such as humor would be useful. In this type of profile, ironic humor would be more congruent. Ironic humor on the profile could give the girl a glimpse of hope that there is something beyond a one night stand.

The photos definitely carry the profile as “I’m a piece of shit.” The photos are congruent with the profile. Nothing is done much to enhance the photos.

You want to have at least two different elements to your character in terms of UVP.  You want to have at least two different things that are going to be helpful to you. 

This is a good profile that could be better. There are no value or leveling mistakes. The only problem is that it is too one-dimensional.