Value is Subjective 

Blueprint is the idea that value is subjective. Something that is considered “value” to one person may not be “value” to another person.

Every girl was raised their own different way. A girl who was raised in a sexually restrictive family will have a viewpoint that is influenced by this. A girl who has been attractive will view the world in a specific way. The way a girl dresses reflects her view on herself and sex. A girl with a Ph.D. could be turned off by a guy who misspells a lot in text. Her finances as she was growing up will also be a major factor. 

If you want to raise your game to the next level, you need to sort of cater to the girl. It starts with being a generally attractive guy. If you try to cater to the girl while not being attractive, you end up looking like Steve Urkel. Once this happens, you can then adjust to the girl’s blueprint.