Value Ratio

A common question is “Is it possible to have too much value?” It comes to a value ratio. 

It can be seen as a cream to coffee ratio. Value is coffee and comfort is cream. People who get coffee a lot like their coffee in a specific way. If the coffee is the proper ratio, people will want to drink more coffee. It starts to go wrong once that ratio is messed up. If only the coffee is increased, you get more coffee physically but it would be distasteful due to a drop in the cream ratio. If you up the cream ratio with it, everything will be back to normal. 

Similarly, there is no such thing as too much value. If a girl is comfortable with a 2:1 value to comfort ratio, 10:5 is better than 2:1, but a 10:1 ratio would make the girl feel unsettled. 

There are several ways to figure out this ratio. You can guess using your experience with girls. 

Guess and check is an effective method. Notice how the girl is reacting to what you are saying. If you tease the girl with a harsh comment, she would need more value if she’s loving it or she needs more comfort if she is shy about it. If you’re good with the technical aspects of game, you will know what specific things to do to raise value or comfort. As long as you can make the adjustments based on reading her reactions, you will reach the goal of having sex with her.