What’s Your Personal Narrative?

A good question in game is “What is your unique value proposition?” What is it that you’re presenting that makes you stand out from the other guys in a positive way?

Steve Urkel is a unique low-value proposition. 

A non-unique value proposition is like Carlton. Some girls will respond if you happen to match their blueprint, but you’re competing in an area with so many guys that it will be the hardest game to play. 

You want to be like Will Smith and play your own game. Girls are attracted to him because he stands out from the usual crowd. He has his own unique value proposition for girls who are responsive to it. 

What is your personal narrative? What are you passionate about? What do you love? What are the experiences that no one else has ever had? What are your values? These are all part of your personal narrative. 

A unique narrative should be a mix of valuable attributes. Everyone plays the rich or in-shape guy. There are fewer but still, a significant number of people who play the rich and in-shape guy. If you were to play the artistic, rich, and in-shape guy, you are now playing a game that very few people play. If the girl likes artistic guys, the other two attributes will act as evolutionary triggers and you will now be a unique value proposition. 

You want to find as many high-value traits for yourself as possible. As you combine more traits, the possibilities of having the same traits as someone exponentially decreases. It’s also better if the trait itself is unique, such as being artistic. 

Always aim for high value first. 

It’s better to be artistic, rich, and fit than artistic, broke, and out of shape. People may think that you’re artistic to make up for something. It is uniquely high-value when it seems like you could hold a normal job but you simply chose to be unique. It’s always a plus if you have a unique trait from other people.