Who’s Cooler?

Two descriptions will be given.

Form your impressions on the two people.

Choose who you think is the cooler person.

Person 1: This person is a 34-year-old entrepreneur with a brilliant idea that has started to revolutionize the world. His company has recently gone public and potential growth is huge. He’s taking a traditional industry online and has blown the competition away.

Person 2: This person is a 53-year-old CEO of a Fortune 500 company who has held the same position for 22 years.

They’re both Jeff Bezos. 

This is interesting because it violates the stereotype of a younger person being more charismatic.

The younger Jeff Bezos does not look high-value and he just looks like he fits in based on his clothes and hair.

The older Jeff Bezos stands out a little more and is wearing tighter fitting clothes and looks like he does what he wants to do based on his facial expression. 

This is also a great example of showing that there is value older people have that younger people can have and also value that younger people usually have that older people can get.

If you are put in a position of responsibility, you’re often forced to mature and can get higher value as a result of it, such as Jeff Bezos.