Why Guys Become “Low Value”

The world does not have a lot of reasons to make you high-value. If everybody is king, who is the subject? Someone needs to do the day to day work, so people who are in charge and high-value have no incentive to teach you.

Women do not have an incentive for men to become more high-value than they are. Women are happy with traditionally having more social value in society. If you have been a man of certain value around them, it is more comfortable and easy for them. If value levels are changing, now they have to reassess, reevaluate, and wonder which is accurate. It makes it more likely that they were tricked by a low-value guy. 

There is a lot of social pressure for men to stay low-value because they want to be the high-value one so they can get the girls or other forms of power. There is a lot of pressure on men from women to be low-value or maintain their value levels. 

It’s often easier and safer to fit in and be lower value.