Why Perception Matters

You get what you focus on, so focus on the right things.

Think and write down a single focus, such as a sticking point you want to address or a question that you want to have the answer for. 

Whenever there is information related to your focus, it should ring a light in your head and you should hone in on it. You will also have content to ask questions about on any of Todd’s platforms. 

This is also how Game works.

Getting people to see what you choose, rather than what they would naturally choose, is useful in any game technique, such as cold approach. If you’re the one choosing the nature of the conversation and dictating value in the situation, you will be in a better situation. There are “perspective triggers” caused by different aspects or events about you that can change how someone perceives you.

EXERCISE — #1 Takeaway

Write down your number one desired takeaway from this Masterclass.