You Are Enough

This is a big concept in game and has its pros and cons. It’s a way to develop more confidence in a way that you believe you’re higher value and approach girls without feeling intimidated. This is great in the short term such as one particular night or day. This attitude is flawed in the long term because you want to be constantly improving every day. 

It’s a weird dichotomy of you being enough in the moment, but not enough a month later. It comes down to self-esteem and orientation. You should be proud of yourself if you are doing the right things. The results shouldn’t be judged. If you’re going to the gym, take happiness for every pound lost or every pound of muscle gained. Don’t judge yourself in the mirror every day and be harsh on yourself. In the meantime, think of yourself as a person who is on the way to the physique they want instead of a person who is fat and disgusting.

There are pros and cons in business as well. Having the idea of abundance and that you’re bringing a lot of value to the table is critical. However, many businesses can take this idea too far. They have the idea that what they’re offering is value and it’s the customer’s fault for not finding it as value. That is fundamentally going away from the primary goal of a business to serve its customers and get paid in return. If you get the idea that you are the shit and you don’t need to improve, you’re going to stagnate in business.

“You’re enough” is a good mentality in some context. It’s powerful and useful but not a universal truth. It’s a model that is good as its assumptions.